Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I have no more words. Go here, click on the Music tab, and listen to "Anayni." That says more than I can.

The Hebrew part of the lyrics, from Hotza-at HaTorah l'Yom Tov, the Service for Taking Out the Torah Scroll(s) on Major Holidays (my so-called translation combined with the ArtScroll siddur's/prayerbook's):
"Va-ani, tefilati l'cha, HaShem, ayt ratzon; Elokim, b'rov hasdecha, anayni, be-emet yish'echa. And I, my prayer to You, HaShem, (may it be at)
an acceptable time; G-d, in Your great kindness, answer me with the truth of Your salvation."


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